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Have you ever thought about your childhood? I mean like just how happy you were. Frolicking through fields without a care, eating ice cream, or maybe just having a kick back playing video games with your best buds; it was fun ! you lived because you didn’t know what was ahead of you and you enjoyed every moment until your mom told you to be inside before dark, like my mom did. As a child even if you were shy you had a magic place, a freedom, to grow and be who ever you wanted to be. Well what happened ? Besides the obvious life telling us it’s nothing that you thought it would be and whatever plan you had will more than likely change. The reality of such a big world that we discovered at such a young age is occurring in and around us.

I don’t mean to lecture things you already know or have already thought about; I only wish to encourage you. Lets fast forward maybe you’re in your early 20’s, like myself, or maybe in your 30’s and so forth. Maybe you’re in college, have graduated, started a career already, have children of your own, or are just traveling through a backpack (which I think is totally cool!). Point is, is it possible that somewhere down the line that childhood innocence for the simple things has kind of been tucked away to appease our new adult minds? and if so well there’s nothing wrong with that cause we all have to grow up at some point. However, the goal of this read isn’t to tell you don’t grow up; it is to tell you that if you’ve reached a point in your life where stress is number 1 to release your inner child.

We hear it all the time about how amazing being a kid was! and obviously you wouldn’t want to go relive it knowing what you know now, but don’t you want the feeling of freedom and imagination you once had? We take so much in everyday stressing ourselves to the brink of madness when in reality your perception is what makes all the difference. Think about it, remember when you were a kid and you fell? well how did you feel? a bit shaken up probably and hurt, but you did something every time that would become your biggest lesson you got back up! That is the direction i’m heading towards. Realizing that every time you fall you can get back up and start over. You’re thinking maybe it’s too late or maybe it’s not quite that simple, but my friends it really is when you tap into your inner child.

You can kick, scream, and cry all you want and you know what that’s encouraged because you know what we did it as children. However even back then after a couple of spankings or time out we knew it was in fact time out for that behavior because with or with out our consent life goes on. So, I know this is incredibly long and i’m sorry I just want you to understand it’s never as bad as it may seem. You’re right I dont know you and I dont know your situation, but i do know if you’re reading this it is indeed a blessing. Funny thing I keep hearing all the time is that in the end we all go back to being children anyway it’s only a matter of time.

Don’t regret the small things ! smile when you get ice cream and take as many selfies as you want when you see your BFF’s because life is worth living when you change your perception. I commend all the full grown adults out there hustling and being amazing ! but even you have to tap into your inner child to be that much more grateful for the small things. My friends we’re not that much different than our inner child as we like to think; i mean sure we have responsibilities of our own but in reality we crave the fresh air and freedom we indulged in as children. Maybe you are living the dream and maybe you aren’t but either way inside of us is something innocent and pure waiting to show you that no matter what you’re going through you too can be happy ! I won’t carry on with my rant, but i just wanted to lift someones spirit today because the journey of a thousand miles starts with you if you let the light within you shine.

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If Ryan says it ..it must be true

If Ryan says it ..it must be true