L- is for life a common thing we all share and something we all get through by having Faith (no matter what you do or don’t believe in) , ambition, and strength  

L- is for Learning as in something we do every single day through the greatest or smallest of situations. Through the senses touch, taste, hear, see, smell, and the things that benefits us spiritually. 

L- is for the Lesson that our situations beg us to take away after we’ve learned, cause out scars tell our stories.

L- is for Laughter..something we are all guilty of. A indicator that joy is still within and often times need a way out.

L-is for Loyalty a trait worth holding on to once you’ve maintained it. Something we as humans cherish and die over. Something that can change the world.

L- is for Love something we all have failed in many many times over. However, no matter how many times we try to hate it, ignore it, and pretend it doesn’t exist it comes back around to prove itself once again bigger and better than we could ever imagine. One of the most purest forms known to man and in some form or another is culturally cherished through out the world. The most precious feeling to ever feel for yourself or for anyone. So, be good to yourself; even if you’ve been hurt. Love will always get your through the rough patches.

L- is for Longevity as in long life, existence, something we try to ensure by leaving behind legacies and good impressions. Live your life because you only get one in this existance. Live as if everyday extends another and cherish and love one another no matter how hard it gets. 

Live, learn, and love any way when you’ve been hurt and wear your scars proudly because you’re sometimes the only light someone may see and if you can do it so can they ! 
Until next time,

Moli 💕