Perception- a word that basically means experiencing the world through the senses.

That’s how you found out that something was too hot or too cold as a kid. It’s how you learned how to be happy or how to be sad, but today lets focus on happiness.

As we all know happiness is definitely a choice but it’s not always easy to access when we see things in a negative way. We forget that even though we can’t necessarily control the way things play out sometimes, we do have a say as to how we see things while we go through it.

Your perception is one of the most powerful tools you own, that’s right you own how you see the world ! You can see it as this disastrous place that waits for us to die eventually or you can see it as the land of opportunity. You can acknowledge that even though it’s rough now; the world wants you to do and feel better. Be inspired by the simple fact that everyday when you wake up you motivate yourself to start anew. Understand that until one day,long down the road, when you close your eyes you can constantly change, improve, and influence your perception. 

I’m obviously not a psychologist or some expert, but from my experience I’ve been cynical and I’ve also been extremely optimistic. Eventually, I’ve realized that optimism and joy is a wonderful feeling to have ! 

Think about this everything that you see that has been man made started as an idea and a perception on how to improve this world. So, what makes you think you aren’t capable of that same power? 

Until next time,

Moli 💕