Alright ladies and gents let’s clear the air. Have you ever had a passion about something or multiple things, but it seems that no matter what you do or say all this bad aura and negativity kept surrounding you? Well my friends that is called a toxic environment.

We’ve all experienced this and if you haven’t, you will. The toxicity of this environment is so bad that you start to doubt your own abilities or stunt your own growth; and as we all know,considering the plans you had, the negative environment isn’t quite cutting it. So what is a person to do and how could you clean up the air? 

This is the part where I’m suppose to say simple just XYZ, but in reality it’s quite tough. This toxic air effects you because it’s not just outside pollution it’s those you call your friends, family, signifant other, or even yourself. Now because it’s so close to home it doesn’t mean you can’t over come your toxic but you most certainly have to have what most call “can do” attitude. It is in this moment encourage cutting loose harmful baggage and toxic attitudes.

Think about your life and what you plan to accomplish. Can you bare having negative people telling you what you can’t do because you have to do something else and that you can’t make it to the top because the bottom is much more attainable. Don’t fall for it; find strength within yourself and tell yourself every day that you are strong and capable of anything you put your mind to. 

It may sound like a broken record, but once you’ve gotten yourself together it’s time to put the others in place. Don’t get me wrong we love our families and inner circles and want the world for them, but if they can’t support you ideas and grind why would you want negative baggage in your life. Always surround yourself with positivity and love, because at that point things that are positive tend to rub off on you. You want to clear the toxic environment? start saying your goodbyes to those that don’t mean you any good because they’re only smothering you and keeping you from achieving your passions and dream. 

People will tear you down and won’t even lift a finger when you need them most, and when this happens you have to be brave and stand on your own two feet. Second chances are fine but when true colors have already been shown don’t waste anymore of your time stunting your abilities trying to please everyone. 

Some of the greatest success stories come from the bottom. You are capable of achieving greatness and you WILL achieve greatness. It’s just a matter of breathing in fresh motivational air rather than poisoness non sense! 

Until Next time,

Moli 💕