Hi guys ! So today I decided to blog about my journey with this project of mine and why I really want to do it. As I might have stated so many times it’s a project to encourage self motivation and living a full lifestyle. Beyond that this project is to encourage not only yourself but someone else through positivity. I know these types of things come everyday, but for me it’s more than just a spur of the moment. This project is a lifestyle.  I can’t preach self motivation if I’m not motivated myself, and already I’ve poured a great amount of myself into this movement. 

You see this project is a personal growth as well as a how to on becoming a new and improved you. I do not what so ever claim to have it all together, cause I don’t, but I do know that when you have the right heart anything is possible to overcome. I’m hoping to create a safe and friendly movement that get people excited about the future ahead of them. Though the world is full of lots of negativity; it is also full of lots of opportunity. The open doors are endless and you no longer have to settle for what you’ve been given. 

I’ve seen the changes that people my age, older, and younger can do. It’s time to realize that You too can make a difference. I wasn’t always certain of my purpose, but now I know it’s to help and make others happy and aware of their full potential; while staying true to myself. Am I some genius professional ? Ha no but I do think my hearts in the right place, and that is ok with me. Of course I’m aware that I may have a few struggles with this, but I’m willing to face them. Ultimately I want to say how I started rocky and made it to a smoother foundation. 

I plan on growing every step of the way with you all; because I don’t believe in being above or below anyone. Don’t get me wrong I definitely can acknowledge great credentials or great wisdom, but I also know that great knowledge can come from anyone. In the future I plan on making this an event for people to come together and share their passions and positivity. I want to see people connect no matter their race, sexual orientation, religion, gender or whatever. We can become a positive change and I’m hoping for your help to do it ! 

Until next time,


P.s- I am aware my grammar and what not is sucky, buuut it’s only because I don’t proof read before posting it. I know I should…and I will start too cause I know it’s probably annoying to some huh but I’m a tad lazy at times 🙈 #honestprobs