Hi guys! Today I just wanted to put a couple thoughts in your head to help in the process of moving forward. So you know how people always say “the sky is the limit”? Well their wrong your mind is. It may seem like an odd thing to point out, but think of it like this. Once upon a time the sky was a limit of a sort, but then scientist and engineers came up with a way to sore beyond the limits of our blue sky; they built rocket ships and planes that oppose the limits of our natural world. Basically what this all means is that progression is a process that requires you to move forward by acting on the present. So all the doubts you may have about your next step leave them behind.

Truth is you don’t remember the past as well as you think, and there is no way to ever relive it so why stay stagnant? And for those that plan for the future there is absolutely nothing wrong with that,but we also can’t predict the future. In plain terms the only thing you can control is what you do in the present. Even if you plan the next second or the next minute anything may happen; so it is best to live for what you have now. Of course there are things that you may want and need to obtain a better future, but do you obtain those things by your actions of now ? Or by just planning and expecting them to fall in your lap? I know, I’m asking a lot of questions but they’re necessary in getting to my point. When you live for now and stop stressing for the things you haven’t accomplished or haven’t obtained you are so much more happier.

I want to be clear though; planning for your future is VERY important, and there is nothing wrong with reflecting on how far you’ve come from the past. However, who you will be in the future and who you were in the past should only be motivation in what you do now. The thing is you’re always going to be moving forward whether you crawl, walk or run so you might as well enjoy the process. Realize that when you live now instead of waiting for your good you increase your opportunities for growth. Maybe that job promotion you’re dreaming of for the future requires you to prepare yourself now instead of waiting. 

Living for now allows you to embrace the little things and it’s actually a humbling experience. Give your mind the credit it deserves and soak in the things you live for now.The things you learn in the present makes room for improvement moving forward. Every day is a great day, and everyday is a chance to unlock your minds potential. Not stressing about who you’re going to be or who you were in the past is a gift to yourself, and there is nothing wrong with being a little selfish. 

Until next time,

Moli 💕