Ladies and gents have you’ve ever gone through something that may have aggravated you, made you frustrated?,  hurt, angry, sad or just down right inconsolable? Well you’re not alone. In fact you are amongst the greats with this one. In this read I want to encourage you to let go of all that anger, frustration, resentment, sadness or whatever you may feel. No, this doesn’t have to be about anything in specific; it could be a person, situation, people in general, or maybe you’re mad at yourself. Before I get into it though first close your eyes and envision exactly what your problem is, and when you’ve done that breathe and let it go; cause now it is no longer worthy of your thoughts, time, or emotions.

Letting Go: Stop making excuses 

So you’ve been thinking, and thinking, and well thinking and all you’ve got to show forth is frustration and confusion. However deep down that small voice within you is ready to move on. You’ve spent more than enough time being upset about this, and it is time for liberation. Will it be easy? HECK NO ! but I have the upmost faith in you that you’ll manage. Letting go of something or someone doesn’t make you weak nor does it make you a bad person; in fact it builds quite the character. In order to let go you must STOP making excuses as to why things may change in an unhealthy situation. One of the hardest lessons I had to learn so far was taking things at face value, and that my dear friends is a real challenge. Stop thinking that hostile living environment will turn into a beach side paradise with no worries or that guy/girl will ever treat you or notice your efforts the way you want them to, cause it’s not going to happen. I know that may seem harsh, but in some situations it is what it is, and we must accept that. So how do you let it go? By realizing you deserve BETTER and that you can have anything you want when you stop making excuses. Emotionally letting go of something really takes its toll on you, and you may grow ice cold, but even ice melts when exposed to fire; so keep the fire within you lit. A lot of times before we realize it’s time to let go we like to prove ourselves wrong; that maybe my perception is just wrong and that in reality things aren’t quite so bad. Now that’s tricky cause sometimes perception does make things change, but that is only when the situation around you is showing promise and willfulness. This means that hostile environment lightened because everyone wanted to change and not just one (you) or that guy/girl shows change in interest that makes it feasible to move forward in a positive way. Acknowledge your worth and challenge yourself to have courage and let the toxins go, cause even weeds disguises themselves as flowers  among a beautiful garden. 

Wishing Well: Being the bigger person 

As if letting go wasn’t hard enough; you have to be the bigger person. You may already be aware but everyone and everything don’t always have your best interest at heart, and this is what causes anger, sadness, etc. Sometimes people or situations are intended to be hurtful to you to either make you open your eyes or just to play on your dignity. However you must be willing to be the bigger person and keep your cool. Of course you might want to punch, kick, and get revenge, but I assure you it won’t help. One must forgive to fully let go. I’ve lost count by how many times people and situations have turned, hurt, or tried to manipulate me; I can assure though each time I’ve came out on top. It wasn’t easy either because each time it was painful and all I wanted to do was make things equally if not more hard for the opposing side, but I didn’t. Not saying I’m perfect, but I am saying Karma is a very real thing and the more positivity you put to the universe the happier you’ll be in return. Common sense, I know and I get it, but view it within your situation and know exactly how hard that can be. So with that said once you’ve let go ; it’s time to wish it all well for them. You start by forgiveness because if you’re bitter after you’ve let something go then you’re allowing things back in you don’t want. So you have to forgive genuinely and whole heartedly. You have a life to live and don’t have time to be angry or sad. After you forgive you hold your head up and walk away. At this point you’ve grown and have realized you deserve better and no longer need to grace this person or situation with your presence. It may seem very on the hight horse but it’s not to say you’re  better, but you ARE worthy of things that will make you a better, stronger, and happier person. Understand that genuinely wishing things well leaves not only opportunity to you but for them as well; cause believe it or not even they deserve to be happy even if it’s not with you. One more thing after you’re gone even if they try to hurt you again hold your ground and keep stepping.

Being Happy: Letting new things come your way

Alright champ you’ve let go and wished well so now is the most important step, and that’s for using on your own happiness. Unfortunately people and situations don’t really care how you feel or how you came to feel that way after they’ve done the damage. So just know altering to your own happiness is NoT selfish. Self worth is one of the most powerful human qualities to have. Knowing who you are and loving yours lef for it not only satisfies you internally and externally, but you attract all the right people and opportunities. Knowing that you are unique in everyway makes it challenging for those weeds to ruin all the hard work you’ve put into your garden, and trust me they’ll try. Some will go as far as to convince you they are a friend when really they’re just poison, and you cannot fall for that. Being happy with yourself allows you to not only move on but also forgive yourself from any wrongs that you may have done; that’s right you’re not innocent either. No ones perfect so more than likely you’ve broken a few hearts, had a misunderstanding with a friend that may have hurt themselves, or you were just plain mean at one point. Being happy with yourself means acknowledging your faults to be better for not only you but those around you. Also just because you’ve gotten dirty in your life doesn’t mean you don’t deserve a chance to clean up. I strongly believe that when you’ve truly has a change of heart and is willing to accept your TRUE potential good things happen. Be patient with yourself and learn your lesson. Whatever you do be open to the new things that come your way. Change can be scary, exciting, or both but either way open yourself up to new things. You may not have gotten your beach house but you did gain a space that liberates your peace of mind, and things between you and whoever may not have gone as you planned, but maybe the next will be all you ever wanted and more; even if part of you may always be apart of another. Be unapologetically you and be happy. It’s not your job to make certain opportunities or people see how amazing you are, but it is yours to know for for yourself !

To love everyone unconditionally does not mean to give everyone your unconditional time. Sometimes, to love completely, we must never see someone again. This, too, is love. This is giving someone the freedom to exist and be happy, even if it must be without you.” ― Vironika Tugale

Until next time,

Moli 💕