Hello ladies and gents ! So today I decided to write about change and how incredibly necessary it is. I’m sure we all know that change is good, but quite often when it’s time to make that change we can be stubborn to it. It’s scary realizing that who you were or who you want to be at some point required or requires a great change. Whether it’s transferring schools, living on your own for the first time or just putting yourself in a whole new mind set. I want to assure you though change is not the gloomy depressing sentence it use to be; in fact change is highly encouraged. 

Life is full of change without us even noticing, but we only notice when it directly effects our own little bubble. Now don’t get me wrong some change isn’t exactly ideal cause there are those that may change for the wrong reasons and may ultimately scare us. Bad change is very manipulative and wants you to believe that all change can be that harmful, but the reality is that it is only the tip of the iceberg. Good change though comes in waves and pushes you to be better than what you are now, and it is this type of change you should aim for. So let’s get into it deeper. 

Remember when you were in that awkward puberty phase and you had oily skin and terrible hair days ?( I remember if you don’t). Well change hits you just like puberty and just like that it can be awkwardly and untimely, but once you actually start to embrace it you’ll feel so much better. You gain confidence and realize people will start to view you in a whole new light; whether that be in a mature manner or just plain empowering. You begin to learn things about youself AND those around you creating phases that allow you to think and act on a situational basis. Typically this is the beginning stages of change; we’ll consider this the teen phase. 

The Next Phase is the Adolescent phase; you’re no longer a teenager, but you’re definitely not old enough to get into a bar; change in this phase is more emotional. By this point you may have gotten your heart broken a few times and you’re not the low guarded innocent child you once were. Actually this change is the hardest and is something that stays with you;you learn how to think more intensively about the world around you and those you surround yourself with. Now this is a crucial change because you learn how to get rid of those that hinder good change and poison your surrounding. It’s important to learn balance in this phase because you don’t want to be one of those people that emotionally can’t handle change and break down from any new experience. 

The last phase is the big boy/girl adult phase. This part of change is more situational. At this point you’ve come into changes, dealt with new emotions, and now your applying it to your full adult life; which if you’re anything like me is hard sometimes. Change is hard in this phase because you’ve established so much while trying to figure out this crazy adult life. However you realize you’re not the same and all the mistakes and heart ache from the past has changed you drastically. It’s in this phase you truly determine if you’re a victim of past scorn or if the changes you’ve made improved you as a person. You no longer make up excuses because of what another had done to you and you go on. You make a lot of decisions as to whether something is worth holding on to or letting go to allow opportunity. Letting go is definitely a hard change to come by, but in order to get what is best for you, its necessary ! Unfortunately this phase of change makes some the most stubborn allowing little to no change to happen. At that point you must either set an example by showing how change could be beneficial to not only self but another or you have to drop dead weight. In reality by the adult phase most don’t want change or seek it because they may feel incapable of it. The thought of stepping outside the box is overwhelming. You can’t force them to change, believe me, so you must press forward, and who knows they may decide to catch up. 

In order to grow you have to be open to every opportunity life throws your way. You don’t have to accept everything; that might take quite the adjustment. However just like dating it doesn’t hurt to have options. 

Until next time,

Moli 💕