You are a blank canvas, and I ,of course, mean this figuratively even though the meaning is deeper. You have abstract ideas that have yet to manifest, and you have places you want to go. You are unique, and you are unable to be copied in any way. You have a plan, a journey, to make that doesn’t require a lot of things just yourself and your deepest ambitions. It’s ok to not include everyone in your Journey because sometimes it is just personal.

Your journey is your own and no matter how many facts, opinions, and concerns people throw your way at the end of the day your footsteps make your choices. Being able to effectively grow and become the person you want to be takes courage to forget the haters and become taller.  Your journey should be full of ideas, twists, and turns that can’t always be explained. You grow because you open your mind to the new things you’ll encounter; hence why your canvas will be filled with beauty that is indescribably radiant. You will hurt and you will be hurt on your journey, but I can promise that in the end you’ll be victorious.

Everyone won’t understand your journey, and believe it or not you’ll learn who is in your corner. Some decisions you make make drive people crazy or away, but that could actually be a blessing in disguise. Those that love and support you will always see success in your outcome. It will be hard, but within you you’ll see changes you never knew was possible. 

The things you may want or desire will change, and sometimes they loop around. However the universe has a way of showing you your greater good and where your true heart desire lies. Don’t be discouraged by the disappointments, heart breaks, liars, cheaters, and bullies of your journey. You’re stronger than your biggest let downs and ultimately you ARE a winner. Your journey is your OWN, and when the timing is right and when things are clear the bigger picture is put in place; at that point a new level of your journey will come together.

Until next time,

Moli 💕