“It feels like I have the weight of the world on my shoulders”

Are you familiar with this saying ? Maybe you’ve said it or even felt this way in consistency at one point or another. If you’ve ever said or felt this way I call it the Atlas effect. In Greek mythology there was a Titan by the name Atlas. Charged with leading a war on Olympus he failed, and as punishment Greek god Zeus condemned Atlas to hold the weight of the world and the heavens on his shoulders. Just as we may feel at times; I can only imagine the burden of so much responsibility. Feeling this way can cause a lot  of anxiety and stress leading to many other problems mentally, spiritually, physically, and emotionally. However unlike Atlas we have the opportunity to change and manipulate our Atlas effects. 

You may feel trapped by loads of responsibility and uncertainty, but I promise you it’s not the end. You have a gift, a special kind of gift, that lies dorment in you. You’ve been neglecting this gift trying to find all the openings and escape routes; when really they’ve been inside of you the whole time. Your very mind set of defeat, trapped, depression, sadness or anger keeps you bound. Instead of focusing on those things acknowledge that inside of you is a bursting light of joy that wants to remind you how incredibly lucky you actually are. When you feel loaded know this, that trouble don’t last always.

It’s only temporary and everyday is a new day. At any given moment you can start over and actually create a new and improved you. Easier said than done, I know, but no one gave you a manual on this life when your were born. A how to on life wasn’t assigned when you got older to comprehend the world. However that doesn’t leave you powerless; in fact it leaves you at an advantage. 

You’re capable of changing situations and events with just a flick of a switch. My grandmother always tell me “thoughts and things materialize” so let your thoughts be filled with positivity. Repetitive, I get it, but how many times must we always remind ourselves or another over and over again just how rad we are. How many times do we constantly give the same advice for ourselves to get through another situation? I’ll tell you, plenty of times and each time you come out a champ of your situation you gain wisdom and confidence. 

The Atlas effect is a temporary state, and it is time for you to relieve some pressure. You only live once in this life; so I recommend you do it to the best of your ability. You owe it to yourself to do more than live check to check or day to day by routine. Instead start looking out for yourself, cause you’re no good to anyone else in a broken state when they need you as strength. When you get yours then together help lift the weight off someone else and show them how strong they are.

Until Next Time,

Moli 💕