The word “almost” implies that you’ve worked and desired to obtain something or someone that ultimately in the end didn’t quite pan out the way you wanted, and honestly it sucks.  You analyze, you get upset, you create scenarios  and you second guess your every move that was made that may have led to your  “almost” situation. However, let me stop you by telling you it is not your fault, and you shouldn’t consider it a negative thing, and here’s 5 big reasons why. 

1) Timing 

We live in a world that has convinced us that if we want something we obtain it then and there, but actually this approach is risky and can lead to a lot more heart ache than intended. Though risk are fun and daring to our nature we must take the time to prep for the things that are actually important to us , and whatever you may have wanted at that moment might actually take time to acquire with an open heart that is confident in its decision and fully prepared. 

2) Preview of what’s possible 

Let’s face it life can make us a bit pessimistic when we don’t get what we want, but instead of focusing on what didn’t happen focus on what did. Maybe for the first time or in a long time you experienced a new feeling or drive you never knew you had or could be ignited. You found yourself in a type of dream you never wanted to wake up from. Maybe that glimpse beyond the curtain is a sign that, yes, you do deserve that great thing you’ve been working hard or patiently waiting for, even if it’s not necessarily with that opportunity at that moment.

3) You journey back to yourself when it’s over 

Sometimes when we get caught up in those almost moments we lose ourselves, simply because we’re having fun, and we forget to carry ourselves through the process. Sure, it may be over but you’re still wonderful, and if you’re lost you get to find yourself all over again and be even stronger than before and you’ll thank yourself.

4) You learn to trust your intuition

So maybe you’re the one that called it quits, and you might be curious if that was the right choice. Well only you will know the real answer, and whatever that answer is you must trust it. Whether you may have felt you weren’t ready or you just want to go a different route; understand that if that is the right path destiny has a way of entwining opportunity again whenever you’re ready, try again.

5) Acceptance 

This is very important; because “almost situations” don’t have a official end, and they’re hard to swallow. It could be pride and it could be painful, but we must accept some things at face value. You must come to terms with how it made you feel whether that was nostalgia or heart break you have to embrace it. Why? Because you’ll never be able to adequately let go and focus on your great qualities and prepare for your new journey. 

Lastly, because something “almost” happened but didn’t doesn’t mean you’re inadequate or weak; it just means we must recognize that multiple doors open when one closes, and who knows a closed door doesn’t mean it’s locked.  You don’t have to create a negative self image because of one opportunity.  You have more than enough to offer and you’re almost there ! One day, this day won’t even matter.

Until Next time,

Moli 💕