So, it’s time. It’s time to let go and move on. I don’t know what exactly you’re moving on from, but if everyone around you is tired of hearing about it, then it is time. Will it suck? absolutely, but it is not the end. It may seem insensitive and I’m certainly not saying you don’t need time. However, I am saying there is a brighter day ahead my friend. 

It’s hard to see yourself in the future completely care free of whatever it was that had you so caught up, but the point is that it will happen. So yes it’s time to stop with the kleenexs and the depressing music; because you are a flame waiting to be ignited. Prep yourself for a new you; go shopping or go out with the guys and remember the strong and social butterfly you truly are. Wake up every morning and tell yourself how magnificent you are and that trouble doesn’t last always.

Change your focus and go volunteer some where, specifically somewhere you know you’ll follow through. Call up those old friends or family members and finally tell them what you’ve been up to. You owe it to yourself to put your best foot forward without the fear of being pulled down. Consider this a race waiting to be finished and at the end you will get this amazing gold metal and feel like the winner you truly are. 

I’m not giving  you anything that I haven’t done or am doing myself. The results are that you’ll feel so much better and this little trial your going through just builds your character. Learning to be better in these times not only prepares you for the future when things may get rocky again but you’ll have CONFIDENCE to speed up the bad times process. 

Reflect if you have to because sometimes instead of being the victim maybe we have to consider if the way we handle said situations to the best of our ability. Now don’t confuse this as self pity or blame it’s simply reminding yourself that sometimes we make ourselves more vulnerable than needed. In other words don’t wear your emotions on your shoulders cause some body or some situation will yank it right off and fail to handle it carefully, and believe me you don’t need that non sense. 

Once you’re over it LEAVE IT THERE ! You didn’t do all that work just to fall for the same things; so it is best that you learn fully. As you grow more opportunity will present itself and it’s up to you to pull yourself up by the boot straps and take it on like the full fledge adult you are. Is it scary ? Definitely but fear has been given way more power than it needs and you need to end the cycle with yourself. 

Change your attitude especially if it’s negative ! You can’t possibly expect to get over anything if you are angry, frustrated, vengeful, sad, jealous or whatever. Be better than that and wear your big adult pants. 

Lastly if you really want to get over something accept that it has happened. Denial is a sure fire way to keep your mind off track. If you can’t accept that whatever has happened to you has happened then I would recommend serious personal time and reflection. Denial doesn’t make you happy; it is prolonged misery. So don’t do that to yourself accept things as they are and move on. 

Until next time, 

Moli 💕